Tips for BBO Vugraph Commentators

Thank you for sharing your expertise with Bridge lovers! Here are some things that will help you as a BBO Vugraph Commentator.
  1. To sign up as either a voice or typed commentator, please go to the main vugraph schedule site, log in, and choose the event(s) you wish to commentate for.
  2. You can register or unregister at any time from this page. If you are registered for an event, you will be authorised to commentate automatically when the vugraph begins.
  3. The GIB double dummy solver has been enabled for all commentators during vugraph. Use with caution!
  4. Eric Kokish and Roland Wald wrote a classic guide to vugraph commentary, available here.
  5. "Voice" commentary is still a new thing. Here's a technical guide to voice commentary on BBO.
  6. If you wish to become a commentator or have any questions at all, please email with your BBO username.
We hope you enjoy the commentary experience!