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About BBO Italia tournaments
BBO Italia maintains an updated and useful site for players at

There is usually one tournament per day, and the cost is usually BB$1. Players are mainly from Italy and Europe, and are at a minimum, intermediate or better players. When you join a BBOItalia tournament, you will receive a well run and high quality 12 board pairs tournament with BB$ prizes for top performers. Top scorers are also awarded masterpoints from BBO. BBO Italia is known for being innovative about their tournaments, and will occasionally run specialty tournaments with fun prizes - always refer to their website for the latest information.

Languages allowed:
Players are allowed to use Italian or English, but if you think there are players who won't understand you, please reserve your comments till the round is completed.
Policy on Psyche:
Psyches are not allowed. The TD will award an adjusted score if a psyche is judged to have taken place.
Policy on Undo/misclick:
Undoes are not allowed. And misclicks are treated as psyches unless the player who misclicked a bid sends a private message to his opponents and the TD to inform them about his misclick.

The main directors are Queequeg (Francesca), rosalbacar (rosalba) and lucy1 (Liana).

BBO Italia is run by Vincenzo (Vincenzo Delle Cave) who has been organizing bridge events in Italy for many decades. If you need help with the BBO Italia tournaments, please email and he will help you.