Advertise with Bridge Base Online

(Last updated: July 2013)

Who We Are
Bridge Base Online is a vibrant international community of dedicated bridge players. Bridge players from all over the world login each and every day, playing, learning, watching, or just hanging out with their friends on BBO. Although members hail from all over the world, the five countries with most players are USA, Turkey, France, Canada, and Italy.

Why Advertise with Bridge Base?
The bridge playing community is a highly desirable demographic for marketers. Bridge players tend to be more mature, better educated and have more disposable income than average. All advertisements shown on Bridge Base Online are screened, and our players trust us to introduce only quality products.

How Much Does It Cost?
You will be charged by the month (30 days). Here are the prices for various businesses and the choices you can make to customize your target audience:

Exposure Type Cost Targeted Areas Graphic Design
Trial (New Advertiser only) $25 for 1 week Your choice of countries Not Provided
ACBL (ACBL Affiliated Clubs) (Click for details) $75 for 1 month Choose 3 States/Provinces Simple Graphic Provided
Budget (recommended for small, geo-targeted campaigns) $400 for 1 month Not available for US, Canada, France, Italy Not Provided
Moderate (recommended for US, Canada or medium priority world-wide campaigns) $750 for 1 month Your choice of countries Not Provided
Premium (recommended for high priority and world-wide campaigns) $1,000 for 1 month Your choice of countries Not Provided
Italy: If you are interested in a campaign targeted to Italian users only, please contact our partners at BBO Italia:

For reference: First time advertisers can test our community with a 1-week campaign for only $25. ACBL Clubs and Districts get a special affiliation rate of only $75/month (Click here for more details about the ACBL Package). A Premium campaign using all three media types (Skyscraper + Banner + Rectangle) may generate about 6 to 9 million impressions each month. For BBO's largest populations (USA, Turkey, France, Canada, Italy) you'll need a least the Moderate Pack. Small targeted campaigns (banners displayed to one country, or to a small area) do well with the Budget Pack.

Where Will Your Ad Be Shown?
Bridge Base Online currently offers 3 locations for ad placements. You can choose to display your ad in any or all locations by providing the graphic size suitable for that location. Click here to see How ads look on BBO.

Exact Graphic Specifications

Skyscraper Rectangle (at the table) Banner
  • Width=120 pixels
  • Height=600 pixels
  • Width=180 pixels
  • Height=150 pixels
  • Width=468 pixels
  • Height=60 pixels
Windows GIF, PNG or JPEG, no animation, no sound, 256 Colors

How To Tell Campaign Performance?
We will send most advertisers a report every 14 days to show how well your campaign is doing. This includes how many times we've shown your advertisement, and how many times it has been clicked. Click here to see a list of our recent advertisers.

How To Begin Our Partnership
To begin, please email to discuss your proposed advertising campaign. Once your campaign is accepted*, we will require the following to begin: Checks
Please send PayPal payments to: We can only accept checks drawn on a US Bank account. Please make checks payable in US Dollars to Bridge Base Online, Ltd. and send to:
Bridge Base Online, Ltd.
2805 High Sail Court
Las Vegas, NV
USA 89117

We will respond within 2 business days to any inquiries or payment.

* We currently review all potential products and graphics before acceptance, and reserve the right to decline an advertisement for any reason. Any ads that contain Animation, Flash, Sound, Nudity, or anything that we deem offensive, distracting or not in the best interests of BBO will not be accepted. We also reserve the right to terminate any ongoing campaign for any reason. If an ongoing campaign is terminated, we will offer a pro-rated refund.

Have A Question? Contact Us
Please do ask any questions you may have. Our email address is Please expect a response within 2 business days.