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This information is current as of May 2010.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Bridge Base Online (BBO). Before we can insert your ad into our application we will need a few things. Please review the following instructions and feel free to contact us via email at any time if you have questions. The email is:

A. Two versions of Bridge Base software

There are 2 current versions of our software. The older BBO software has about 180,000 logins a day. The newer, web-based BBO software has 80,000 logins a day.

B. Ad Locations and Types

The Bridge Base Online software offers 3 ad placement sizes. You have the freedom to choose which sizes you wish to provide graphics for.

  • Banner ads, which are displayed to customers using the older BBO software as they move through the different menus.
  • Rectangle ads (or at-the-table ads), which are displayed to customers using the older BBO software as they play or watch bridge.
  • Skyscraper ads, which are displayed to customers using the new BBO software always.
C. Price

Our rate is from 15* cents per 1000 impressions with a $200 minimum monthly charge for normal advertising. (In advertising-speak, a CPM of 15 cents.)

For geographic region targeted advertising, rate is either 20* cents or 30 cents per 1000 impressions with a $200 minimum monthly charge. (CPM of 20 or 30 cents.)

We also offer new advertisers a week-long trial for $25. There is a special package for all advertising of ACBL clubs/regionals/sectionals for $75/month.

You set your budget. You set your targeting criteria if desired (for instance: only show ad to Italian users). We'll display your ads over the course of the month.

For reference: a full ad campaign using all three media types (Skyscraper + Banner + Rectangle) may generate about 6 to 9 million impressions each month. A typical medium-exposure campaign budget is at least $200 per Graphic.

*Rate can be a bit more expensive, depending on country. USA, Canada, Italy, UK in general are the 30 cents ones.

D. What your ad will look like on our site

Banner Ads

For older BBO software users, a banner ad is displayed at the top of every non-playing screen.

Rectangle (At-the-table) Ads

For older BBO software users who are playing or watching others play, a rectangular ad can be seen on the lower right-hand corner of the table-top.

Skyscraper Ads

For new BBO software users, a skyscraper size ad is available on the left hand side throughout their game session.

E. When we become advertising partners...

Your ad will be displayed on our software for the contracted period, up to the pre-agreed number of impressions.

Unless the pre-agreed number of impressions is more than 10 million/month, you will pre-pay the maximum possible rate based on our stated rate.

We will try our best to distribute your maximum impressions evenly during the contracted period.

Each eligible player who logs in to BBO will see a randomly selected ad from our pool of advertisements. The ads are displayed for a short interval, then another ad will be randomly selected and displayed.

F. BBO recent login stats

Everyday, we have about 250,000 logins (non unique). Each login stays onsite for about 2 hours. Click-thru rates are affected by ad relevance, quality and length of campaign and cannot be guaranteed. New BBO software users grows at a much faster rate than old BBO software users. We try to show the same ad only a few times each to BBOers per session, to prevent ad fatigue.

G. Ad Approval

Ad Media must be sent to us at least 2 business days before we will post it. We cannot currently accepting ads that contain (but is not limited to) the following: Animation, Flash, Sound, Nudity, or anything that we deem offensive, distracting or not in the best interests of BBO, sorry. We reserve the right to refuse an ad or terminate an ongoing campaign without explanation. If we do refuse an ad or terminate an on-going campaign, we will offer a pro-rated refund.

H. Ad Media specifications

The ad image itself must conform to the following specifications:

-Windows GIF or JPEG, No animation, no sound
-256 Colors
-Width=468 pixels
-Height=60 pixels

Rectangle (at the table)
-Windows GIF or JPEG, No animation, no sound
-256 Colors
-Width=180 pixels
-Height=150 pixels

-Windows GIF or JPEG, No animation, no sound
-256 Colors
-Width=120 pixels
-Height=600 pixels

Here are recent advertising examples:




H. What we need from you to begin our partnership

  • Your ad graphics, in any combination of the 3 stated specifications.
  • A URL to link to.
  • How many impressions per month, maximum you wish, and if you have multiple graphic size, how you wish your impressions distributed.
  • If you wish to target a certain geographic region, let us know. We'll try our best to help. The rate is more expensive for targeted ads, as stated in the rates section.
  • Let us know your desired campaign start, and end dates.
  • Let us know whether you wish to pay by Paypal, or check.
  • Please send PayPal payments to:

    Checks-Please note:
    We can only accept checks drawn on a US Bank account.
    Please make checks payable in US Dollars to Bridge Base Online, Ltd. and send to:
    Bridge Base Online
    10550 Hope Mills Drive
    Las Vegas, NV
    USA 89135
    Please include a note with your check indicating that the check is for an ad. We also do need it to be made out to Bridge Base Online, Ltd, bank requirement. :)