Quick Guide to Voice Commentary

For Vugraph Voice Commentators

Welcome to Vugraph Voice!

To begin your voice commentary broadcast, please click the Start button near the chat area. Vugraph voice is "click-to-speak" - this means you have to click and hold down the Click to speak button each time you want to broadcast your sound, or press and hold down the spacebar on your keyboard. If you are not depressing your spacebar key, or you are not clicking on the "Click to speak" button, then whatever you are saying will not be "broadcast" and others will not hear you.

Adjusting your sound
The first time you try to broadcast, you will probably be asked "Do you wish to allow permission to access your microphone?" Please grant permission.

If everyone tells you your volume is too low and they cannot hear you well, please try this: If people say they cannot hear a word...
This software may still contain bugs. If players tell you they cannot hear you and you know you have done all you can to make your voice output loud ask them to either
  • 1. Make sure they clicked the Start listening button, or
  • 2. Make sure their "Volume" slider for you is turned all the way up, or
  • 3. Leave the table and return to it again. Maybe something is stuck! 
  • If some of your listeners can hear you fine, but others say they cannot hear you, make sure they are using the web version, and not the older downloadable version of BBO. To use the newest version of Bridge Base they have to click www.bridgebase.com then click "LOGIN/REGISTER" and log on as usual with their normal username and password.
  • It often helps to clear your browser's cache memory when you're experiencing problems. Click here to learn how to clear your browser's cache.

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